Mario Associates

Design Innovations

Mario Associates has been in the fore front of bringing state-of-the-art technology to UAE and incorporating same in their designs with the innovations successfully employed for Employer and project benefits. Among the design innovations we list the significant ones:

  • Under floor air distribution for flexibility of office space application changes
    • Emirates NBD, Jumeirah Branch (DX based) installed 1994
    • RAK Bank Tower, DSO Dubai. Installed & operating since 2010
    • RAK Bank Tower, RAK. Installed & operating since 2010
  • Primary variable flow chilled water systems for energy savings.     
    • Crown Plaza, Dubai
    • Le Meridien, Mina Siyahi, Dubai
    • Residentail Tower in The Greens, Dubai 
  • Total enthalpy heat wheels with wrap around heat pipes for energy recovery.
  • Use of UV for kitchen extract smells elimination.         
  • Use of displacement ventilation & stratification layers for ultrahigh spaces    
  • Use of ultrasound sensing for level monitoring of holding tanks
    • ENOC Fuel dispensing stations
  • Use of CMF (Ceramic Micro Filtration) for laundry waste water filtration & reuse of filtered water.
    • Mattex Laundry  
    • Cleanswift Laundry  
  • Use of single indoor air handler to provide multiple temperature control zones within single apartment or villa.
    • Barsha Town Houses 
  • Hypoxic environments for 100% life and contents protection
    • Document archiving warehouse, RAK
  • Sintra air distribution for warehouses for uniform temperatures with fire control throughout very large volume warehouses
    • Warehouse project  
  • Recovered condensate reused for WC flushing for water consumption savings.
    • IKEA Yas, Doha, Cairo
    • Habib Bank